Flo6x8 disrupted the plenary session at the Andalusian Parliament


Some flamenco singers disrupted the Socialist Speaker in an organized action claimed by the group Flo6x8.

Tomorrow a video will be released with images of what happened in Parliament

FLO6X8 is a group of activists linked to the world of Flamenco, whom in recent years have staged surprising actions in various banks. They have used Flamenco, as a genuine Andalusian expression, to denounce the responsibility of Banks in the economic crisis. Today, however, they have set their sights into the Andalusian Parliament, where they were holding the last plenary session before the summer break while launching the so-called Seat 110 – a seat symbolically added to favor citizen’s participation in parliament. Two female and one male flamenco singers have interrupted the session when the Socialist group spokesperson took the floor.

They claim that their intention is to “converge with emerging political movements” calling for a democratic reconstruction “through a collective and shared creation of a new Constitution”. With this sonorous action staged a few minutes ago they also make theirs the “claims of the Marches for Dignity”:  “denouncing the austericide”, public policies in health and education, public policies on health and education, revoke the labor reforms and “end precariousness”.

“Andalucia has been and is a land hugely rich in natural resources”, they say, but it has now become a “colony”.   They denounce the role that the Andalusian Socialist Party (PSOE-A) is currently having in being the “gag” and “transmission belt” of the Troika.  They confront the leader of the PSOE-A, Susana Diaz: “if it is true that you come from a family of plumbers, your case is more severe, Susana Diaz, because at least the Caste breeds their own blood remains loyal to themselves, but you have betrayed your class and there is no greater baseness than denying where you come from”. “Beware of the people who know how to use their tip and heel”, they say at the end of their manifesto: “a troop of 130.000 flamencxs is ready to sing four little fine words in your face, at any public place where  you choose to stick your venerable cheeks”.

The action occurred today at the Andalusian Parliament and, at first, it caused surprise amongst the parliamentarians, who soon realized the depth of the critique that the flamenco singers made.