Flo6x8 – Doñana and the African Tulip (Soleá)

Flo6x8 Doñana and the African Tulip (Soleá)


The flamenco anticapitalist group Flo6x8 returns to the forefront with the action "Doñana y el tulipán africano” (soleá de Triana). With this action we want to denounce how the economic interests and exploitation of Doñana's natural resources (Andalucia) is putting at risk our National Park, a natural heritage of great ecological and cultural value.



Flo6x8 incriminates CaixaBank with the action “Doñana and the tulipán africano” as the main shareholder of the transnational Company 'Gas Natural Fenosa'. This company is responsible for the Pipeline project and the storage of gas in Doñana. The video action takes place at the foot of 'Torre Sevilla', owned by CaixaBank and the sole skyscraper in Seville. This building is taken as a symbol of the financial arrogance and urban fiasco in this city.


The Pipeline and gas storage project poses a serious seismic threat, as well as a source of pollution of the National Park and biggest wetland of Europe. The project lacks scientific backing to endorse its viability as a whole. It currently represents the biggest threat of the many that are looming over the National Park.


The Doñana Gas Project has been supported and approved by the Mariano Rajoy's government, which has declared it as a project of public interest, as well as the Andalusian regional government. Susana Díaz, the regional government president, accepted the project in its initial stages and now shows some lukewarm opposition in overruling it, despite the mobilizations against it. In order to understand this implicit approval towards such a controversial project it is relevant to be aware that the enablers of this environmental and social outrage are Isidre Fainé and Felipe González. Fainé has been director of CaixaBank for more than 30 years and now leads Gas Natural Fenosa. González, former Prime Minister of Spain, has also been president of the Participation Council of the Doñana National Park (2009-2012) and member of the Gas Natural Fenosa Advisory Board (2010-2015).


Flo6x8 with its flamenco troop attacks the tower and its owner with African Tulip seeds, one of the most invasive plants in the planet. The Tulip seeds act as a trojan vegetable: They assault the tower and retake for nature what the financial colonization wants to steal from us. For every gas pipeline that aims to drag us to hell, we will conquer a skyscraper. The action restores equilibrium bringing back to earth what is rightfully hers, which is also ours.


We reject the gas project and subscribe the mobilizations proposed by entities sympathizing with the problems on Doñana Natural Park:


Salvemos Doñana

Act. Pass it on.